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1. You and your pet must live in Australia.

2. Entries are open from the 10th May 2021 and close 30th June 2021. Voting opens 1st July 2021 and closes 9 am 31st July 2021 (Sydney time). Voting is limited to one vote, per photo, per 12 hours, per IP address (you can vote for as many different pets as you like every 12 hours). If you enter your dog into multiple categories, votes are based on each individual photo entry and cannot be added together.

3. This event is hosted by Oasis Pet Styling (ABN 18 634 067 431 | 19/21 Ryan Ave, Singleton NSW 2330 | woof@oasispetstyling.com.au). Employees are not eligible to win this contest.

4. The winners will be announced by Oasis Pet Styling by the 10th August 2021 via the website and social media. The winners will also be contacted directly.

5. When you enter into the Pooch Awards you will be added to our newsletter list. We promise not to spam and you can unsubscribe at the bottom of each newsletter.

6. If you have any questions, please feel free to email woof@oasispetstyling.com.au.

The Erina salon is no longer part of Oasis Pet Styling. Please contact them directly on 0412 963 641 for any enquiries.