Grooming Policy

Oasis Pet Styling endeavours to make your pet’s grooming experience as safe and pleasant as possible.

Cancellations/No Shows

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations to avoid additional fees. Late cancellation of less than 24 hours is 50%. No-shows are 100% of you appointment cost.

Drop off/Pick Up

To avoid daycare fee’s please ensure your pet is dropped off no sooner than 15 minutes prior to you appointment (unless organised when booking your appointment) time & is picked up within 30 mins of your ‘finished’ text notification.

Booking Your Appointments

As we are a small, and very busy team, we advice you to book your appointments in advance to avoid missing out. Bookings are best made online or in the salon. We don’t always get a chance to get to the phone during the day.

Aggressive or Difficult Dogs/Cats

Our staff is a team of highly training & skilled stylists offering a boutique service in the Upper Hunter. As such, the safety and wellbeing of our staff & your pets are our top priority. Due to a high demand for service, we are no longer accepting extremely difficult, aggressive or dangerous dogs or cats into our salon. It is up to our discretion as to what we will or won’t continue to groom & in the instance we continue servicing a difficult or dangerous animal, additional fee’s may apply for extra care and handling.

Health/Medical Problems

Grooming can sometimes expose hidden medical problems or aggravate current ones, and can occur during or after grooming. All veterinary care expenses will be covered by the animal’s owner.


There is always a risk when dealing with animals, and although rare, should an accident occur, you will be notified. If we deem it is serious and the owner is not contactable, Oasis will seek immediate veterinary care for your animal. All expenses are the responsibility of the pet’s owner. Oasis will not be held responsible for any pet that may pass away during the grooming process.


Should your pet have any fleas they will be given a flea bath at your expense.

Matted Coats

Pets with matted coats require extra attention. If your pet needs to be shaved to remove matting, you acknowledge that you agree to this procedure and any risk. There may be an additional charge for this process.

Interruptions during Grooming Services

If you come to pick your pet up before you have received a message, and it is still being groomed, please DO NOT talk to your pet or allow him/her to see you. Please step outside for a few moments until the groom is completed.  If your pet becomes too distracted to groom, we reserve the right to end the grooming session and the full grooming price will be charged.


Payment is strictly due at time of pick up. Pricing is subject to change. Late payment is subject to additional fee’s.


Your satisfaction is important to us. If you are unhappy/would like something adjusted, please let us know when you pick up your pet. Once a pet leaves our premises any return visits are treated as a new appointment and charged accordingly.